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Ngoc Trinh 5SHIRTS doubtful to face Hermes bags "fake"

Recently, some information has confirmed that Ngoc Trinh buy bags from a specialist sales "fake".

This is not the first time Ngoc Trinh suspicious bags stick to "fake". Perhaps by that amount Ngoc Trinh Hermes bag has owned up to double digits so many people think, Ngoc Trinhusing only high-grade counterfeit products. To clear his name, Ngoc Trinh has at least one self-made invoices to certify the origin for their brand items. But most recently, sources have confirmed that there is "evidence against" Ngoc Trinh Hermes bags of a specialized sales people "fake".

The latest Hermes bag Ngoc Trinh. There is information indicating that this brand items cost up to 400 million.  And immediately, there appeared information confirming that this is the bag "fake".
Accordingly, 5/9 day, Ngoc Trinh has boasted recently bought a black Hermes bag from someone in Hanoi. It is reported that this person arbitrage trading images and Hermes bags.However, information has confirmed that Hermes bags for sale this page is fake goods with specific evidence that the image Hermes Birkin Himalayan Diamond has posted on personal pages. Hermes Birkin Himalayan Diamond is a bag made from albino alligator skin, no chemical intervention in the process of creating color to the bag. Recently, the firm also recently launched the  Crocodile Birkin Bag Himalaya Nilo  is  encrusted with 245 diamonds coming with all the accessories and details like zippers are made from white gold  of 18 carats . The reason is all foreign news sites have reported that the Hermes Birkin Himalayan Diamond can only produce a single and was on display at the Heritage auction store in Beverly Hills to wait for the auction, many people saw it as evidence to regulation this resulted that the  Hermes bag sale "fake", and according to that logic, Ngoc Trinh is also used bags "fake".

The latest Hermes bag Ngoc Trinh originated from a woman that sells bags in Hanoi and suspected that the person that sells bags "fake" senior when uploading pictures the Diamond Crocodile Birkin Bag Himalayan.

Show Ngoc Trinh remained completely silent on this incident. However, most recently, the seller pockets for Ngoc Trinh have voiced explanation of the conclusions "counterfeit goods of truth" is.

The employer's share sale facebook surrounding attributed her bag sales "fake" and Ngoc Trinh bag use "fake".

Accordingly, she wrote on his personal page that: " I do not mind to ignore because the paper is not reputed to use IP protection abroad but because of the prestige, avoid disturbing my customers. I decided needed to speak up. with many years' experience in the profession, come into contact with hundreds of bags. Just hold, smell, sometimes even looking at photos I can know that is Authentic or Fake. 
On the Diamond Birkin Himalayan. The article was circled on the skin and so the characteristics section, colored crocodile skin's natural to compare. Try to ask you about your knowledge Hermes ??? To me additional knowledge for your job, please report it! Do you know Victoria Beckham also use a so? You know right now if you are a guest Paris Store Vip you will not be difficult to own it anywhere. Bag worth € 215,000 were sold in France, value is too large to find a consumer is willing to spend. After all, if you are wishing to purchase VIP, Hermes is ready to serve you. 
A pair of twin sisters also make absolutely nothing was the same, you require two crocodiles mandatory details like rippling from its natural color? Do you know the Himalayan is made from albino alligators and Hermes without chemical intervention of color make this bag it? It's totally natural color of crocodiles that you. So skin to small to not even do the same child, do not circle a silly and ignorant to it. Or to your knowledge, the Himalayan crocodile bag 100 to both color varieties. If so, only the Chinese do it. Rather apologize to you, Hermes Genuine can not do well. It is said to know the sparse, did not know it based the column to hear. Maybe you too hurry then! "
The resolution is not the right and wrong, but can not deny that the suspected case like this has seriously affected the image of the Virgin Jade , as she was making a reputation as show off and brag about real class mine.